Our Team

Our vision is to enable people all over the world to discover the multitude of beautiful cities around the globe. We are aimed to become a hub for virtual city tours from near and far.

The Founders

Sandra and Roger Claus

 What fascinates us about Virtual City Tours is the innovative networking of interested visitors and enthusiastic tour guides from all over the world - in virtual space and via personal interaction. We are convinced that with virtualcitytours.org we are creating added value for the many unique and fascinating cities and we would be delighted to share lots of great city experiences with you. 

Our Dedicated Tour Guides

At Virtual City Tours, we take pride in collaborating with a diverse group of dedicated city guides from around the globe. Our team consists of passionate explorers eager to share their love for their respective cities, creating unforgettable online experiences for our guests.

Each of our tour guides brings unique perspectives, local expertise, and warm hospitality to ensure that your virtual journey is not only informative but also inspiring. Whether you're uncovering the historical secrets of an ancient city, strolling through a vibrant market, or experiencing the modern flair of a metropolis – our team is ready to turn your virtual travels into unforgettable events.

Learn more about our committed city guides and see the world through their eyes. Together, we craft virtual journeys that bring not just places but also stories and people to life. Welcome to the Virtual City Tours family, where every tour becomes a voyage of discovery!