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 A hub for virtual visits of towns all over the world. Travel virtually and benefit from the extensive insider knowledge of our local tour guides! No matter where you are. This is the place where curious, interested and enthusiastic city travelers meet passionate and engaged tour guides. Either via a live stream directly from the destination or with an entertaining live presentation. We want travel be possible for the majority of people. That's why we create and offer virtual journeys for you and bring different world famous cities and its gems to your screen. This is virtual tourism at its finest. As if you were there in-person!


 Experience cities in a whole new way!

Live Online Tour

With our online tours you explore the town virtually. Our professional and handpicked tour guides present you history and stories in an enjoyable and lively way using video conferencing technology like Zoom. The virtual tours are broadcast live from the street or moderated as a live presentation in real time on the screen. 

Your advantages

Personal questions, in-depth interaction and diverting entertainment are in these live virtual tours included. Find out, whatever you want to know. From wherever you are.

Establish direct one-on-one contact with our fantastic tour guides at your chosen destination for the seamless organization of your tour, ensuring you receive their best prices.

For Your Captivating Online Event

Experience the thrill of journeying to a city alongside your team or online event participants—without ever stepping out of the office. And without any efforts. Our diverse range of virtual tour formats promises a unique city expedition, while our on-site city experts unveil both renowned landmarks and hidden treasures.

A virtual visit of different cities in the same event is equally possible, as is the addition of an interactive quiz. A customized and engaging way of virtual sightseeing.

Online city tours can also be easily combined with virtual museum tours or any other online experience. This way, you discover the diverse attractions together with your team mates from different places around the world.


Become a virtual visitor and enjoy the cutting-edge way of virtual tourism! Find out more. Drop us a line by email or give us a ring. We can certainly make your virtual visit happen.

Which City Do You Want to Explore Virtually?

No matter which destination you would like to experience with a virtual city tour, just reach out to us via phone or email. We can certainly make your virtual visit happen.

Our Bestsellers

Live streamed or moderated on screen

Virtual Tour of Istanbul

Discover the highlights of this monumental city. You will learn - among other things - which is the most popular address for Turkish coffee, where in ancient times the prestigious horse races took place and why the Blue Mosque is unique. 

Live streamed from the city 

Virtual Tour of Prague 

Take part in an exciting virtual sightseeing tour of Prague and experience first-hand the city’s architecture, history, culture, and cuisine. You can visit the beautiful metropolis with all its sights right now. And the local tour guide will let you in on the city's secrets.

Live streamed or moderated on screen

Virtual Tour of Zurich 

Explore the little big city virtually. You will see the most important sights as well as hidden gems. The city of Zurich is more than 2000 years old, hence your personal tour guide has a huge store of stories ready just for you. Zurich waits to be discovered by you. 

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