Experience Stockholm in 360°

With the help of the 360° format you discover two of Stockholm's museums interactively and completely independent of time. Wander through the exhibition rooms of the Natural History Museum and marvel at the well-preserved, in the 17th century built galleon Vasa.

Museum of Natural History

Visit the Natural History Museum in Stockholm virtually. It houses over 9 million specimens of animals, plants, fungi, fossils and minerals from around the world. Start the virtual journey of discovery through the museum and the course of evolution. 

Vasa Museum

It is Scandinavia's most visited museum. It brings to life the history of what was probably the largest and most heavily armed warship ever built in Sweden. In 1628, during its maiden voyage, it sank in the middle of Stockholm harbor after traveling 1300 meters due to serious design flaws. In 1961 she was salvaged. Today it can be viewed at the Vasa Museum, also virtually.