Experience Rome online

A City Tour of Rome on your screen! Join Annett on an Online Tour of Rome live streamed for you to experience the city as if you were there. From anywhere. You benefit first-hand from her deep knowledge and experience. With plenty of opportunity for questions and personal exchange. Duration, topic and content of this live online tour can be adapted to your wishes.

The team of Deutsche Römerin presents Rome

Experience Rome with us from the comfort of your own living room or of your office. Look virtually through the keyhole at St. Peter's Basilica, let's throw a coin into the Fountain and walk through the narrow streets. You can explore Rome with us live and very interactively - whether with a quiz or a city rally. We promise, you won't get bored while watching. We are happy to present our tour using a meeting software of your choice. We are happy to send you an offer. 
A tour guide films herself with her cell phone in Rome.

Zoom, Teams or Google Meet
1 hour
ex CHF 230.00

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We are delighted to arrange an online tour up to your ideas. Please just get in touch with us.