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The tour guides of our partner office in Prague bring the city to your screen - as a livestream directly from the city. In addition to the classic Prague, they offer a wide variety of tours. How about the popular haunted tour, for example? All our online tours are private virtual tours, so your guide is at your disposal. Take advantage of it and ask all the burning questions you might have - it will make your experience as lively as if you were there in person.

Live Haunted Tour of Prague

Discover the time when the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph II had his seat in Prague. He accepted all religions and allowed mystics, alchemists and astrologers into Prague Castle. Learn about the end of "magic" and the start of science with the likes of Kepler and Brahe who made substantial scientific discoveries but also spent a lot of time creating astrological charts.
We'll talk not only about their genius discoveries but also about the strange and common beliefs and practices of the time. We'll add a ghost story or two about a hidden area of Prague, so close to Prague Castle, yet rarely visited by travellers.
1 hour
ex CHF 180.00

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