Our vision is to enable people all over the world with Internet access to discover the most beautiful cities around the globe. Whenever they want!
We are aimed to become a hub for virtual city tours from near and far. 

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The founders

Sandra und Roger Claus

What fascinates us about Virtual City Tours is the innovative networking of interested visitors and enthusiastic tour guides from all over the world - both in virtual space and via personal interaction on the site. We are convinced that with we are creating added value for the many unique cities on offer and we would be delighted if you were part of it, too. 
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Videography & Photography

Stephan Fässler

Pictures are my passion! I have been working as a photographer and videographer for 30 years. These years of experience coupled with the ideas of my clients result in professional, creative and high-quality productions. I continue to impress my clients with my technical know-how and imaginative solutions track record. 
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Our tour guides

Sandra Claus
Zurich City Tours
Julia Zgraggen
City Tours Lucerne
Roy Fischer
Basel Tourism
Peter Pan
Your dreams!

Become a Virtual City Tour Guide

We want your virtual city tour! Are you a tourist office, private tour operator or a freelance tour guide? Provide us with your video and become a part of Virtual City Tours. 

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