Experience Florence online

With a live online tour directly from the city Bruce brings Florence to your screen. This way you can discover Florence from anywhere and benefit first-hand fromBruce's deep knowledge. Time for questions and personal exchanges is of course included.

What you will see

The tour begins at the city’s religious centre, with a view of the Duomo and its stunning cupola designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, the first great architect of the Renaissance. We then proceed to the political centre, Piazza della Signoria, steeped in history and political drama, before moving on to the Ponte Vecchio, the Old Bridge, with its jewellers and goldsmiths lining both of its sides. 
Moving downstream past the Holy Trinity bridge, a jewel of Michelangelo’s design, we reach the Dominican friars church of Santa Maria Novella, with its Renaissance façade and, if time permits, a visit to the world- famous Pharmacy, originally part of the religious complex and today a modern cosmetics industry with franchises all over the world. 
Facade view of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, the landmark of Florence
1 hour
ex CHF 250.00

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We are delighted to arrange an online tour up to your ideas. Please just get in touch with us.