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With a live stream directly from the city Roopak brings Delhi to your screen. This way you can discover Delhi from anywhere and benefit first-hand from Roopak's deep knowledge. Time for questions and personal exchanges is of course included.

What you will learn about

Humayun was one of the Mughal emperors. His tomb in Delhi is the grandest of all historical sites in Delhi. Humayun's tomb is the most beautiful Mughal monument in Delhi and a perfect place to learn about the history of the Mughal dynasty. One of the Mughal emperors, Shah Jahan, built the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Roopak will show you around the magnificent Humayun's Tomb. On this tour, you will also get real glimpses of the Taj Mahal while learning about the fascinating story of the Mughal dynasty which ruled India for more than three centuries making it the most important part of Indian history.

Don't hesitate to ask Roopak questions about the Indian way of life as well.

1 hour
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