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With a live moderated presentation Mai brings Cairo to your screen. This way you can discover Cairo from anywhere and benefit first-hand from Mai's deep knowledge. Time for questions and personal exchanges is of course included.

What you will see

In the west, on the city's outskirts, stands the oldest and only preserved wonder of the ancient world, the Pyramids. Here we start our discovery of Cairo city and try to unlock its secrets. Naturally, the Sphinx is also part of it. Then we turn south and dive into the gripping story of the Holy Family's flight to Egypt and visit a crypt where they rested for three months, now below the oldest church in the city, Abu Serga Church. Here we can also admire the walls and towers of the Roman Fortress of Babylon. In the east, we shall be amazed by a major Cairo landmark, the Citadel with the fascinating Alabaster Mosque, and learn about the country's modernization in the early 19th century while enjoying a unique panoramic view overlooking this richly diverse metropolis.
1 hour
ex CHF 280.00

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