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The tour guides of our Turkish partner office bring Antalya to your screen. With the Online Tours live from the city or from the studio, you discover Antalya from anywhere and benefit at first hand from the tourguides' inexhaustible knowledge. Time for questions and personal interaction is of course included.

Through the Old Town

The tour starts right at Hadrian's Gate. Then it's on to the Suna İnan Kiraç Foundation, a superbly renovated mansion of the 19th century. The tour guide leads you through the narrow streets of the old town, showing fine restaurants and ceramic stores. Not far from these stores you spot interesting buildings such as a dervish monastery, a medrese and the landmark of Antalya: the fluted minaret (Yivli Minare). After a walk through the church district, the tour guide visits an artist who makes clay figures. Moving on, you wander through the pub alley and head to a lighthouse where the Roman baths were once located. At the end of the tour, you enjoy a great view of the harbor and the gulet ships. It's worth taking the tour for this sight alone.
View through the Hadrians gate in Antalya.
1 hour 
ex CHF 280.00

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