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A hub for virtual visits of towns all over the world. Travel virtually and benefit from the insider knowledge of our local tour guides! No matter where you are. This is the place where curious, interested and enthusiastic city travellers meet passionate and engaged tour guides. Either via a superb video, online with an entertaining live presentation/live stream or with a self-contained audio tour. We want travel be possible for the majority of people. That's why we create and offer virtual journeys for you and bring different world famous cities and its gems to your screen. This is virtual tourism. As if you were there in-person!

Experience cities in a whole new way!

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No matter which destination you would like to experience with a virtual city tour, just drop us a line or give us a ring. We can certainly make your virtual visit happen.

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Our formats of virtual tours in a nutshell

Virtual Live Tour

With our online tours you explore the town virtually. Our professional and handpicked tour guides present you history and stories in an enjoyable and lively way using video conferencing technology like Zoom. The tours are broadcast live from the street or moderated as a live presentation in real time on the screen. Your advantage: Personal questions, in-depth interaction and diverting entertainment are in these live virtual tours included. Find out, whatever you want to know. 

We are happy to tailor the duration, theme and content to your ideas. 

Tour guide visible from the side behind. She stands with gimbal and cell phone in front of city scenery.

A virtual visit of different cities in the same event is equally possible, as is the addition of an interactive quiz. A customised and engaging way of virtual sightseeing.

This type of virtual tour can also be easily combined with virtual Museum Tours or any other online experience. This way, you discover the diverse attractions together with your team mates from different places around the world. Become a virtual visitor and enjoy the cutting-edge way of virtual tourism!

Makes your online event just perfect!

Testimonials about our Live Online Tours

Erika L.: The tour was fantastic! Thank you so much. Ayse was brilliant!
Jacqueline P.: The tour was wonderful! I didn't believe that an online tour could be so engaging.
Simone S.: Thank you again for these wonderful pictures from Zurich. I found your comments, especially on the country and its people, very informative. Enjoyed it very much. The feedback on this event was throughout positive.
Gerrit H.: Guillaume did really well. The technology was fabulously good. Hardly any jerks.
Michaela K.: It was really an all-round successful agenda item at our event and the feedback from the participants was very positive throughout! I am sure that many participants have included Stockholm on their travel list.
Marc V.: Catherine did an excellent job. My father as well as the whole family were thrilled. Thank you so much and I will definitely be happy to recommend you.
Melanie A.: It was unique. We totally enjoyed this short break and the participants were enthusiastic throughout. I am fascinated by what is possible today. Many thanks for the uncomplicated communication. Everything worked out great.

Pre-recorded Tour

This type of a virtual tour introduces you in the respective destination. Professional guides show you in a video the most beautiful attractions of their town and provide you with lots of captivating and surprising information. Be enchanted by immersive views and listen as our licensed tour guides narrate you their stories. Experience the high-quality and pre-recorded tours conveniently at home or on the road. This kind of virtual tours serves perfectly as preparation for a city trip and provides exciting insights for those who cannot or do not want to travel at the moment. Any time and from everywhere! 

We are also happy to produce your bespoke video tour based on your ideas. 

As an add-on we provide you with 360 degree experiences. These types of free virtual tours offer a hands-on panoramic view. They are a different interactive option for a virtual visit and accessible free of charge. Let you navigate the virtual space by yourself. With just a few clicks! This is modern sightseeing. 

Testimonials about our Pre-Recorded Tours

Tobias G.: The tour is very informative and full of beautiful impressions.
Roger B.: Julia rocks! The inclusion of the audience is ingenious!
Andrea L: We watched the tour in three languages. Great idea to get to know a city.
Karin B.: A super tour, perfect in respect of length for our teenagers. We adults would have listened even longer, was very interesting ...
Anita M.: I liked the Video Tour a lot. I watched it with my children. They recognized and understood a lot. The recordings are beautiful.

The all-sensory experience

Virtual tours are meanwhile parts of the travel and tourism industry. However, we are convinced that virtual tours are a supplement to the live walking tour on site. Not a substitute! That is why, in addition to virtual tours, we also arrange face-to-face tours. Take your time, travel and explore your destination on a professionally guided tour. Let yourself be touched by the pulsating life, the diverse culture and the distinctive history. 

Our first award

Virtual City Tours has been picked as the winner in the category "Virtual Tours Operator of the Year - Switzerland" at the Prestige Awards 2022/23.

Become a Virtual Tour Guide

Do you have a video tour or do you guide online through your town? Are you a tourist office, private tour operator or a freelance tour guide? Just drop us a line and become a part of Virtual City Tours. We are delighted if you get in touch with us. 

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